Pawnshop Business in Lakewood, Colorado 

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Pawn Services

When you're in a bind and need fast cash, our company is here for you. Learn more about our extensive buying and pawn services


We also help you out of that tight spot with easy and hassle-free loan services. Mountain Pawn offers competitive loan rates, along with fair valuations. 


We loan on a wide variety of quality resellable items. View our gallery 

Feel confident knowing you have been treated fairly by contacting Mountain Pawn in Lakewood, Colorado


About Us

When that unexpected expense pops up, bring your unwanted goods to our pawnshop business in Lakewood, Colorado, and let us turn them into the cash you desperately need. With more than 20 years of experience, Mountain Pawn buys a wide range of items, from the gold laying around in your drawer to forgotten collectibles and memorabilia. We also offer loans at 15% to help you with those unanticipated financial dilemmas. 

Plus, when you are looking for affordable quality, our locally owned business offers top-of-the-line merchandise, including a great selection of gold rings and jewelry, at competitive pricing that's at or below wholesale.

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